L&R is proud to announce the winners of this month’s Colleague Strengthened contest. Each offered valuable ideas for L&R.

Congratulations to the Winner of this month’s contest –

Yadira Magallanes!

“Streamline the process for vendor claims.”

Congratulations to the Runner-up of this month’s contest –

Edward Shapiro!

“Put scan tags in the sequence of the planograms; it would make resets more efficient.”

Congratulations to the second Runner-up of this month’s contest

Latrenda Bolton!

“Create price tiers for customers who buy in bulk: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The more they purchase, the bigger their discount”

Additionally, we have honored our company’s commitment to submit all actionable ideas into the C.S.Q. (Challenge Status Quo) Initiative. If your idea is implemented, you will receive $100 L&R bucks!