The L&R Way Sweepstakes Winners

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Tabitha Dunn, a Picker from Pine Bluff, AR
Favorite Principle: Relentless

“Relentless is my favorite because the company is willing to accept ideas and dreams an employee may have came up with. That make a person feel like they are someone that’s important to the company. Also you have to have an attitude that is relenting in order to accept situation’s that may be good for the company. You can embrace yourself to the new changes; that way you and the company can be rewarded for your humbleness to change.”

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Dan Howard, Field Sales Merchandiser in Beaumont, TX
Favorite Principle: Avid Learners

“I get up every morning knowing that I will learn something new. It may be minute or it could be huge, but I will learn something new everyday. Then I have to apply it to my life, in some way. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the LIVE stream.”

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Tracy Chambers, Field Merchandiser, Portland, ME
Favorite Principle: Good Communicators

“Communication is key–not only between our customers but also amongst L&R. Good communication provides the basis for L&R employees to do their job effectively. By listening and asking questions we are able to pass along a great experience to our customers.”

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Andrea Amaya, Returns Representative from Deer Park, NY
Favorite Principle: Colleague Strengthened

“Because you’re on a team and you want to do amazing thinks. Your relationships with fellow team members are the most vital to accomplishing the tasks, meeting your deadlines, and exceeding company goals. That way we recognize and respect the efforts and ideas of others. Good working relationship give us some benefits : our work is more enjoyable, people are more likely to go along with changes that we want to implement, we’re more innovative and creative.”

5. $100 L&R Bucks

April Garcia, Scanner from Rancho, Cucamonga
Favorite Principle: Grateful

“Reason why I choose the principle of gratitude is , it brings a positive environment to the workplace and it drives yourself and others to always give your very best in any department And in and any job that you are given. When you are grateful and around people who are grateful , it makes the production of the company/employees more efficient and better in customer care. Greatfulness is always the core of better living.”

6. $50 L&R Bucks

Grant Moss, Receiving Representative from Rancho, Cucamonga
Favorite Principle: Relentless

“To me to be relentless means to never give up, even when all your chips are down, even when no one seems supportive of your efforts. This principle encompasses so many of the other principles because one must have an eternal drive for success to be a relentless person. This requires one to be an avid learner, to become an excellent communicator, to be vigorous and proactive. Because this principle encompasses so many quality aspects of a successful person, it is my favorite principle.”

7. $50 L&R Bucks

Glenda Bennett, Field Merchandiser, Bozeman, Montana
Favorite Principle: Customer Centric

“Customer Service is a very important tool for each merchandiser with L&R and every business. The customer has to know that you are taking an interest in showing them the best shopping experience while they are in the store. Always being able to go the extra mile above and beyond what they expect, I am so excited to continue to learn, improve and share ideas with our customers and other team members.”