We define Customer-Centric as “Passionate in Exceeding Customer Expectations.”

We always take a genuine interest in our customers, delivering outstanding customer service. We continuously strive to learn, improve and share ideas with our customers.

Let’s be passionate and let’s live our customers’ experience!

Learn just how in the video below.

How the L&R team plans to improve customer experience:

  • I plan on improving the customer experience by asking various customers the products they use most often that way we can offer them in store. -Cassandra Scott
  • 1 way to improve the customer experience at L&R would be to let employees listen to their music so that way the employees can set a more better environment for every one. -Roderick Taylor
  • I work for the Returns Department at L&R. One way I think I could improve customer experience is making sure all customers receive their full and correct credit in a timely manner. -Jessica Miller
  • I am planning on improving my customer service by being more efficient in the way I pick and scan. Double checking my work before shipping to verify if the product and carton is up the par with the way I would want to receive it at store level. -Shawdaine Welch
  • improve because they will see more orders shipping out on time. -Katerine Vasquez
  • I will make sure the product is available for our order fillers to pick and ship out in timely manner. -Darryl Wilson
  • As a replenisher the way I can help improve customer experience is making sure every bin is filled that way the pickers wont be slowed down by writing numbers on the board. Orders will be done faster and shipped on time. Also making sure every move I do is 100% accurate so we don’t short the customer’s order with bad inventory counts. -Eddie Santoscoy
  • To keep customers in stock condition at 100% with reasonable inventory levels. -Russell Rogers
  • I plan on expanding my interactions with more store employees, management, reset crew etc. To forge a better bond in sharing information. -Mary Behrens
  • Driving more customer service while restocking. Engaging with the customers. -Lakisha Higgins
  • I will be alert to their needs and handle them in a very fast and efficient way -Donna Bell
  • Purchasing team has learned from our recent onboarding of Giant Eagle that it will serve our new customers well to build additional in conjunction with initial distributions, rather than once we build history. This will allow us to achieve acceptable fill rates from the onset of our service, which will in turn deliver the ultimate shopping experience for our customers’ customers. -Lee Colarco
  • I plan to improve the customer experience at L&R by boosting office morale when a customer or vendor enters the office building. With a big smile and open arms approach I will give a hello and welcome to L&R to help make the visitor feel not just at home but in an environment they will continue to enjoy being in and meeting at. Beyond this, I plan to keep that attitude with every email, phone call or any sort of greeting to represent L&R in a positive light. This will create the perception that not only is L&R the place you want to come to conduct business, but that we are the company you want to come work with. -Maurice Lucas
  • Make sure all receiving is completed in on time & correct -Nancy Glisson
  • Take the time to see what our customer needs are no matter how big or how small it is, because with out our customers we would not have a job. so if they need and order pulled early I’ll get it pulled I’ll do whatever it takes to make our customers happy -rena johnson
  • “Being Proactive vs Reactive”:
    Being proactive gives us control over the situation and more often than not evades the problems that might affect customer experience.
    To improve customer experience, one of the best ways to do is to solve our customer’s problems before they realize they exist. It is possible when we do every job function at hand with the focus of delivering best experience to customer.
    We have to know all the variables in the job function we do and understand our customer’s needs by tracking behavior-based analytics versus what they say us vaguely. Having strong processes and adhering to them facilitates proactively offering great service rather than reacting to customer complaints after it is too late. -Sairam Inguva
  • I plan to improve the customer experience at L & R by getting to know the managers better, that I work with on regular basis. Learning how much product they want ordered, and try to be precise when ordering so they don’t end up over or under stocked. -Lori Stewart
  • I plan to go above and beyond as well have my team do the same, to satisfy all our customers needs! We will listen to them as they may speak of our short comings as to we may be able to better satisfy their needs! -Roy Burton
  • I plan to continue to learn more and teach others what I have learned in order to make L&R and our employees a more motivated and focused team of designers of the ultimate shopping experience for our customer’s customer. -Brian Mays
  • I would like to improve customer service by making less mistakes and packing my best. -Gabriela Contreras
  • Show more passion in sales meetings with category managers and buyers . -Robert Hoog
  • I love my job. I meet and greet all of the store managers with a great sincere smile. When they ask for something. I go out of my way to get it for them. I make sure that my section looks full and picture perfect to make the customers look and buy. The managers have my cell number and they use it. Even on weekends and after five on weekdays. I don’t ignore them I answer and get them what they need. I enjoy seeing them smile and know that they will let me help them on their merchandise needs. My passion for my job helps me help them to make their store look great. When you take time to find out their needs you learn more about what they want. My day is done when we (L & R and I) have made everyone happy and smiling with managing merchandise and turning a profit. -Sharon Brown
  • To continue packing orders neatly and the way they should be packed . Bagged or taped when they need to be. -Ana Enriquez
  • Has a scanner , my plan and goal is to organize the customers order the best way I can , to make it Lighter less boxes , and convenient for them to put pin their orders to their stores system. -April Garcia
  • Having a better communication with management and working at a faster pace. -Eunice Gonzalez
  • Ensuring all product is nice packed to prevent damages. -Claudia Prieto
  • One way I can improve the customer experience is to work harder. -Desiree Ortiz
  • One way I plan to improve the customer experience at L&R Is by taking the poly bags with liquid closed for extra security during shipment . -Kenneth Lee
  • What I plan to do to improve customer experience is L&R is to be more careful in my packing. -Monica Olmos
  • By performing my job duties the right way to insure the customer is satisfied with their order. -Yvette Hernandez
  • I plan to improve our customer experience by making sure to use the proper boxes and techniques for packages so our products do not get damaged when being shipped out. -Melissa Alvarez
  • I will continue to double check my work thoroughly to reduce the risks of costly mistakes to the company. -Silvia Lujan
  • Work harder , less errors on my orders . -Nancy Hurtado
  • Try to work harder to make less errors, so the orders could be shipped out faster. -Maria Estrella
  • Make sure to tell scanners to check for broken product. -Catherine Contreras
  • For scanners to Pack things more organized and be more aware of the items that get damage easier. -Olga Carrillo
  • Working hard and make each day a new challenge for me . Another way i could help improve things it is by finding new ways or learning new things each time to help the process be more faster for the company. -Yazmin Ocampo
  • I plan to improve the customer experience by giving my 100 percent to delivery. Doing my job with excellence and striving to be my very best. -Karla Soza
  • One way I plan on improving the customer experience at L&R is having the scanners pack neatly the product in side the boxes. When the customers open there box everything is nice and organized.This way the customer doesn’t have to go threw a disaster , of having to sort threw everything . Also if everything is more nice and organized , the scanners are able to place the product in a more proper fitted box , witch would reduce the shipping cost ,saving the company money . I will make sure that shredded cardboard starts being used by all scanners , this will help them fill in any gaps that regular cardboard wouldn’t. -Dinora Salazar
  • I would improve it by handling our customers items how I would want my items to be handled, making sure they are satisfied in the end of the day. -Jessica Lomeli
  • To begin with, in order to improve the customer experience, one needs to be passionate about what they like to do. To fulfill this accomplishment, I will abide by the L & R values. I will learn what the customers wants and share ideas in order to achieve their needs. I will also engage, and being passionate about it, will enhance my ability to strive to the fullest of my potential to achieve this goal. Nevertheless, I will definitely appreciate the customers as they are the key for the company’s growth and success. Lastly, I will have to design and be creative in making the shoping experience an outstanding experience for the customers. -Jonatan Landa Orozco
  • I plan to get to know and improve my relationships with the scan coordinators in my stores to make sure our products and prices are always up to date. -Sarah Cordova
  • I will strive to improve our customers experience by asking our DM’s and merchandisers to start conversations in our stores with management asking “How can I better serve your store on behalf of L&R?”. -Laura Loyd
  • In order to improve the customer experience at L&R I plan to enter special orders for customers on the date which we receive a down payment. This will ensure the customer receives their order sooner and the extra 2-3 days gap between receiving the down payment and writing the PO would be eliminated. -Leydy Diaz
  • Better communication -Rusty Williams
  • To begin with, in order to improve the customer experience, one needs to be passionate about what they like to do. To fulfill this accomplishment, I will abide by the L & R values. I will learn what the customers wants and share ideas in order to achieve their needs. I will also engage, and being passionate about it, will enhance my ability to strive to the fullest of my potential to achieve this goal. Nevertheless, I will definitely appreciate the customers as they are the key for the company’s growth and success. Lastly, I will have to design and be creative in making the shoping experience an outstanding experience for the customers. -Jonatan Landa Orozco
  • Make sure the stores are serviced promptly. -Melinda Thomas Dworzan
  • Smiling and greeting customers with a friendly word. -Dorothy Clinesmith
  • 1) Ensure merchandise is neat & Clean
    2) Remove all damaged merchandise from the shelf
    3) insure there is ample inventory on hand to support promotions
    4) Make sure all merchandise is correctly priced
    5) Put store signs to reflect sale items
    -Peter Sambogna
  • My plan to improve the customer experience at L&R is to ensure that the categories that I’m in charge of ordering, are always in stock. My priority to make this happen will be Communication with the vendors and warehouse to make sure that all orders are confirmed and expedite and ready on time. -olga Fischer
  • I will continue to offer solutions rather than obstacles to opportunities that are presented by our customers. By offering solutions, this will improve the ultimate shopping experience for our customers customers. Because without our customers we would not be a successful company. -Steven Gedell
  • One way to improve our customers “experience ” would be to go further ahead of the person were dealing with, be human and interact as people. -Josue Mercado
  • Keep my sections full, clean and looking nice. -Lisa Maunder
  • I will gracefully engage in the customers’ shopping experience by taking an interest in their search, be it for L&R product or any other, and perhaps suggest that we have similar interests, or life styles with a goal of getting them to smile or perhaps laugh. -VINCENT LOPEZ
  • I always try to improve the customer experience one is to have a order book that is easer to find items without looking all over for items you need to put in your store. -Larry Holleyman
  • I plan on improving the customer service at L&R by fulfilling my duty as a replenisher. I will make sure, everyday, that as many of the bins are fully replenished as possible. I believe that this will help pickers get their part of the job done right to improve customer service. -Ana Cubias
  • Keep in direct contact with the Store Director to ensure they are happy with the service they are receiving from L&R and implement any changes needed. -Joanne Nevling
  • The one way I plan to improve the customer experience at L&R is to be more efficient when creating planograms by placing the better selling items in the best position available for easy shopping experience. -Manuella Peters
  • To ensure all orders are submitted,processed, and delivered on time to fill our Customers needs. -Jahaira Alicea
  • Meet personally with key accounts more regularly. -Timothy Windham
  • Work with the customers to see what sells, and what does not. If doesn’t sell, neither one of us are gaining anything. -Eddie Dugger
  • “Being customer centric is the back bone of how I work and strive to make every customer experience the L&R way. It about going out of your way to partner with each retailer or wholesaler so they are happy and excited to work with L&R. It allows you to open up additional opportunities to grow our mutual business.
    A recent example was regarding an account that was unhappy with the fill rate they were receiving. I set up a conference call with the buyer at the wholesaler including sales and the VP of purchasing to come up with solutions that will sole the fill rate issues. She was extremely happy that we went the extra mile to address these issues head and also responded to the recap email positively agreeing to our solutions along with opening a door for “”on going opportunities for growth””. -Jeffrey Fesinstine”
  • I plan on improving the customer service at L&R by fulfilling my duty as a replenisher. I will make sure, everyday, that as many of the bins are fully replenished as possible. I believe that this will help pickers get their part of the job done right to improve customer service. -Ana Cubias
  • I plan to be Proactive and Customer Centric. In order to be Customer Centric (passionate in exceeding customer expectations) you have to be Proactive. You have to be a self starter and a go getter in order to make sure you are assisting the customer which in turn helps you assist the customers customer in the best way possible! -Eudine Benjamin
  • Being passionate to the customer to deliver outstanding expectations. -Richanne Spinks
  • I can enter special times for each store-such as storewalks or inventory. with a alarm to remind me to be there. I get to wear this on my wrist, so I will not leave this in my car or not hear it! It can only improve the experience for both of us -susan secord
  • One way of improving the customer experience at L&R would be creating training and workshops that would help develop department leaders. Leaders play a very important role that set the atmosphere and tone for external and internal customers. Workshops and training can be facilitated by Human resources or outside sources. Training will strengthen each employee and give a better understanding on how to communicate and manage our time effective . Managing our time allows us to address the need of the customer as well as achieve all long and short term goals. (9301 Avenue D) -Jacqueline Paige
  • Make sure to correct all oos , and always have a smile on my face . -Kathy Bennett
  • I strive on being an avid learner. Knowledge is the key to improving on my customer service skills. Being able to better our customers experience has to do with being able to answer questions, knowing the products and seeing how we can do more for them in the future. -Tracey McKibbin
  • By me setting up a better plan of my day and making deadlines this will help me schedule the correct time to manage customers. -Uri Cohen
  • I always greet my customers was a happy smile and ask about their day. If they’re any problems. I have solved the problem before leaving. My customers know I am very passionate about my job. I suggests new items and let them know about our deals. I treat my customers like family while being professional at the same time. After everything iis taken care of : merchandise checked and put out, everything is blocked and dusted, and order according.. Then I make sure that the store managers “if you need anything call me anytime on my cell”. -Sharon Brown
  • L&R should create an app for their customers and employees. This app can help track their orders, shop, check availability on an item, locate their rep or even bill pay. -Judith Baptiste
  • one plan would be for L & R employees to continue learning, engaging, and relentlessly, thriving to do the right thing. Every department is equally important without, leadership and direction we would not have a functional business. We all have one goal is to provide the ultimate shopping experience, for our customer’s customer . -Yadira Magallanes
  • “We always take a genuine interest in our customers, delivering outstanding customer service. We continuously strive to learn, improve and share ideas with our customers.Each of our team members plays an integral part in designing the Ultimate Shopping Experience by performing their roles to the best of their abilities.
    We accomplish our goals by upholding the L&R leadership principles that make it possible for our team members to be flexible and creative. -Jose Luis Magallanes”
  • Through LEAD and passion. -Denise Arnold
  • Focus on putting in new items and making sure to put up signs pointing out to customers that these are new items. -Tonya Monk
  • Greeting the customer with a smile and ask them how they are doing and if you can help them find a product. -Bradley Waller
  • Even though I only interact with our customers on a limited basis, usually after hours on the CSS hotline # that I man, I plan on making sure any customer that calls in late is treated as though they are L&R’s only customer. I always and plan on continuing to help them out as much as I can. If it is a request that I cannot fulfill, I plan on continuing to send the request with the specific needs in to CSS so they can follow thru in the morning with that customer. I plan on asking lots of questions and I try to make their experience with the “after hours girl” a great one with answers and issues solved. Cyndi Badie, Payroll Admin and CSS -Cyndi Badie
  • One way I can improve the customer experience at L&R is to make sure the product that I showcase in the stores is displayed in a way that will appeal to the customers needs. -Cindy Reeves
  • Communication is the first step and also listening and understanding what each customer needs and wants. Doing the best at making your store mangers proud to have you taking care of them. -Trina Campbell
  • Keep in contact with supervisor and implement their suggestions. -Joan Anderson
  • My continued passion shows in each task that I complete to make our products more attractive to the Customer. Marketing is based on thinking about the business in terms of our Customers needs and their satisfaction. My goal is to always develop a demand for the product and fulfill the Customers needs with each item I work with.
    Through designing and distributing sell sheets and Constant Contact pieces, I am providing/advertising to the Customer New Products and Promotions, through careful selection of featured products, as well as seasonal product, and advising of price cuts.
    With the website item maintenance now becoming a task of mine, I will be keeping the website up to date with all active/live product and images, item recommendations, as well as Marketing and Promotional materials. This will enhance the Customer’s shopping experience by providing the Customer a plethora of helpful and useful information all in one place, as well as helping to upsell the customer with the product recommendations. -Jennifer Sack
  • Allow customers to visit the warehouse they are purchasing from and see the process and allow them to have a input on what they think should be done differently to better severe them. (Allow your customers to have an input, the customer is always right.) -Raynard Simmons
  • Better communication with regards to pulls n plugs -Anyce Williams
  • One way we can improve the customer’s experience at L&R is to be consistent. Consistency will provide confidence in the customer to continue to do business with us. Consistently going over our work to ensure accuracy, consistently providing them with the ultimate shopping experience, and consistently working together to give and be the best. -Erika Massop
  • I started this plan yesterday. A customer ordered product $72,000(paid half up front) and I am told that we cant get that quantity. I have since contacted alternative marketing to see if we can make this part of the program to allow more quantity to be ordered. I was told the order is declined and he needs to be approved as an NYX customer. I will go down every avenue to get this customer approved. If it can’t be accomplished on this order because L&R policy doesn’t allow, then I will maintain communication with this customer and work on getting him to place smaller quantities more frequently. I will get it done. I am here to keep a good customer satisfied. -Nadine Corbin
  • Will help the customer more efficiently with any Inquiries they may have and get them the help that is needed. -Stefanie Bousum
  • To involve the customers even more paying additional attention to how products are presented through our catalogs, flyers and even website promotions that we produce. -Maura Hecht
  • Will have a quick solution in helping a customer with an inquiry. -Stefanie Bousum
  • Begin each conversation with “how can I help?” -PEGGY SINKEL
  • Being out in the field, making sure the shelves are fully stocked, clean and neat so the customer could be comfortable when shopping. It’s important to be aware of what sells, so you know to order more on your next visit, instead of walking into empty holes. -Kewlapati Kalika
  • Showing our customer how passionate we are about making their customers shopping experience better than the last. There is always room to improve on ideas. -Danny Yano
  • I am going to go to every account and if there is a section we offer that they do not carry yet, but are approved to carry and sell. I am going to add those sections into their store to help increase their sales. -Kristen Peterson
  • To utilize an empathetic ear when hearing my customers concerns. -Elizabeth Aguon
  • I am always looking for areas that I can up sales for my customers–if they are having more sales in certain areas–Then we together find a way to have more of the product there for the public. Such as power panels of clipstrips with the product for sale. Also in numerous stores where umbrellas are always being sold out I have added a second umbrella stand! -susan secord
  • Making a point to have stock filled to meet their needs and wants. -Gloria Fowler
  • Be passionate in exceeding my customer expectations . -Richanne Spinks
  • Be passionate about new promotions when presenting them to customers. -Dave Kieffner
  • Service each store with enthusiasm and deal with any issues immediately. -Linda Gibbens
  • With our LRLS and Ecommerce customers here in Rancho I plan on calling them ahead of time to ensure their shipment was delivered when it was suppose to be and that the shipment was received in outstanding condition upon arrival. I want them to see that even after we have shipped out their order it is still extremely important to us that they are happy the way their shipment was delivered. -Tony Harris
  • Passion for improving our customers business -Pauline Ketcher
  • One way I plan to improve the customer experience at L&R is to be an active listener. Yes,it is good to be customer centric, but listening to your customer needs is just as important. As a consumer you hold the access to pick what you want when you want so have effective communication by actively listening. The act of actively listening to what the customer wants gives the customer liberty to do what het or she wants. It all goes back to the decree,”life,liberty,and the pursuit of happiness.” And we as L&R should hold the customer needs to be self evident. -Igvana Dickson
  • To talk to store owners and find out what the needs are and work with them to make them happy. If they are happy I thank they will trust you and you will have a satisfied customer. -Garland Harris
  • Anticipate potential problems and put plans in place before they actually occur -William Roatch
  • Have proper grid sizes and pogs to do resets . -Edward Shapiro
  • We look at a complaint of customers and work hard to remove the feedback; I would like to spend more time in addressing the cause of the complaint -Henry Weber
  • I plan on getting customer feedback as to which products they are looking to buy, and try to make those products available. -Cassandra Scott
  • To be as resourceful, as open to new ideas and to really listen to the customers needs. I feel the better you listen to their needs, the easier you can build a good strong relationship with the client. -Shelly Chaney
  • I will try to listen more closely and put myself in the customer’s position. Determine if I am giving all I can to help the customer experience our new principles, customer centric and a good communicator. I want the customer to feel confident that I am concerned and doing all I can to help them. -DEBBIE KESTER